Feb 19, 2014

5 shampoos available in Japan, recommended by LDK magazine

Hi everyone!

If you are living in the countryside of Japan where your favorite shampoo from your country is not easily available, what do you do?

Order from Amazon is one choice. They'll deliver it to you within a couple of days. But buying a Japanese shampoo from your neighboring drugstore is much easier. Why don't you try just once?

You might say there is so much variety on the shelves that you don't know which to choose. I totally agree with you. I change my shampoo pretty often because I myself don't know which one is good.

Several days ago I happened to find a ad-free products review magazine called "LDK." What is wonderful about this magazine is the fact that they have no sponsors, which means they can write anything they want. In the March issue they feature skin and hair care products that can be bought at drugstores. When the shampoo I'm currently using runs out, I'll definitely buy one of the shampoos they recommend.

The shampoos the magazine gave the thumbs-up are mainly silicone-free, but silicone is not that bad after all. It reduces friction, makes combing easier and prevents tangles. Moreover, contrary to popular belief, it does not clog pores and is unlikely to cause skin problems.

Whether it has silicone or not, some products get you down. Shampoos with too much silicone, such as Shiseido's Tsubaki and Lax Bio Fusion, make your hair feel sticky and oily, says LDK.

The following is the shampoo LDK recommends:

Je l'ame by Kose Cosmeport (945yen, 500 ml)
available at any drugstores.

 Premium Bluria  by Bené (987yen, 500 ml)
available at any drugstores.

Argelan Scalp Clear shampoo by MKB(1,580 yen, 550 ml)
 Silicon-free, paraben-free organic shampoo, available at nation-wide drugstore chain Kiyoshi Matsumoto.

  NA by Nudy Aura Moist Non-silicone Shampoo (900yen, 500 ml)
Get "Most Shampoo," not Nudy Aura shampoo (1,943 yen 600 ml), which contains some petroleum-derived materials


Bodyshop's Rainforest Moist shampoo (1,890 yen, 400 ml)
A little expensive, but Bodyshop is always reliable.


  1. こんばんは、ゆうこさん!

    Oh, interesting! It good that there are so many good shampoos available, if you know which ones to try~ ;)

    I used to use Tresemme Keratin Smooth shampoo:
    ($10.84 AUD for 750mL)

    But now I use Organic Instinct Shampoo:
    ($15.95 AUD for 1000mL, I think..)

    This shampoo is completely natural & doesn't contain any man-made chemicals! ^-^

    By the way, Premiun Bluria shampoo has the most beautiful bottle~ wow! Thanks for posting~ :)

    1. サマンサさん、こんにちは!お元気ですか?
      The shampoo you are currently using looks very nice!

      Japanese shampoo bottles (only for women) are very fancy these days. It is a new trend that happened all of a sudden.

  2. Where do you buy Body Shop shampoos in Japan? Do you know of any stores in Tokyo?

    1. Hi j!
      Actually The Body Shop stores are everywhere. There are more than 30 stores in Tokyo. You can find their addresses on The Body Shop site here.


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