Feb 14, 2014

Useful Japanese expressions 3: ijo desu (that's all)

Hi everyone! 


Imagine you are at an izakaya (dining bar), where you usually share all the dishes with everyone else in your party. (Don't worry, we don't share drinks!) You probably have to order at least four or five platters for a small group of two or three people, depending on your appetite. If you come in a big group, your order list surely gets long.

At many chain izakaya they have menus full of photos, so you can order pointing at the pictures,

「これと、これと、これと、これ ください」 ( Kore to kore to kore to kore kudasai) = We'd like to have this, this, this and this, please.

If you suddenly notice your 生ビール(nama bi-ru, or draft beer) jog is already empty, you can say:

「それから、生ビール、もう一杯 お願いします」 (Sorekara, nama bi-ru mo ippai onegaishimasu) = And, I'll have another beer, please) 

Then, please finish your order with this phrase:

「以上です」 (ijo desu) = That's all.

Otherwise, your waiter would not  know whether he can leave right away or should stay for your new order.

This sentence is very useful and can be used everywhere. At the airport customs, you might be asked,「申告するものはありますか」 (shinkoku suru mono wa arimasuka?) =Anything to declare?

If you do, please declare. If they ask you 「他にありますか」 (hoka ni arimasuka?) = anything else?, you can simply answer "ijo desu."

As of Japanese izakaya, it is basically the place alcohol beverages are served, but they have soft drinks for non-drinkers. Since any izakaya has a wide variety of food, some people even bring  their small children to have meals, though it is not recommended.


  1. こんにちは、ゆうこさん!

    Nice! "Ijo desu" should be easy for me to remember~ Thank you, Yuko-sensei! ^-^

    I've heard that izakaya are must-visit places if you like food. :) Fortunately, I'm not considered 'little' anymore, hehe~~~

    Do you often go to izakaya? Or not very often?
    Izakaya are non-existent in Brisbane, which is not surprising, considering it's a small-ish city. Sydney & Melbourne are more well-known for their restaurants. ^^;;

    1. こんにちは、サマンサさん。コメントありがとう!

      Yes, when I was younger I used to go to izakaya very often. You must visit izakaya in Japan. They are everywhere, pretty reasonable and fun!

  2. hello Yuko-san - thank you for such a clear explanation of "ijo desu".
    I studied kanji once, and always remember that I was never able to understand how the two kanji that comprise "ijo" (sorry I don't have a computer which has kanji typing software) + desu came to mean "that's all". Do you know the explanation of this ?

    thank you and regards

  3. Thanks for the info! How do I ask for a refill on my tea?

  4. Hi Troy,
    You can just say "ocha no okawari onegai shimasu". "Okawari" means a refill.