May 16, 2013

How to order sushi ②: tuna

Hi everyone!

Look at the photo above! The red sushi on the right is, needless to say, tuna, more exactly fatty tuna. Doesn't it look delicious? Well, it was VERY tasty.

Tuna is obviously the most popular sushi topping among Japanese. That's why I decided to pick up tuna as the first topic in this sushi series. 

Tuna fish is generally translated "maguro" in Japanese, but at sushi restaurants maguro usually means "lean tuna,"  and fatty portion of tuna belly is called by different name, "chu-toro" or "o-toro" depending on how fatty it is. (O-toro is fattier than chu-toro) .

When it comes to the price, the fattier, the more expensive. According to the price list of Bikkuri-zushi, a popular sushi chain in Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture, a maguro is 157 yen, a chu-toro is 262 yen and an o-toro is 420 yen.  (Be careful: sushi usually comes in two pieces, but this price is for only one piece.)

I know many foreigners prefer lean tuna, but you have to try chu-toro at least once. You'll be surprised at its soft melting texture!! I personally find chu-toro best among three kinds: maguro, chu-toro and o-toro. 

Today's useful expression: 中トロ、おねがいします Chu-toro onegaishimasu, Chu-toro please.  
You can replace chu-toro with whatever you'd like to eat.

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