Jan 28, 2014

Japanese chocolate snacks you should try ② Kinoko no Yama & Takenoko no Sato

Kinoko no Yama (lit. mushroom mountain) and Takenoko no Sato (lit. bamboo shoot village) by Meiji company are long-sellers that I have enjoyed since I was a child.

Unlike many treats I used to love but don't feel like eating any more, these two have always been my favorite.

Kinoko no Yama is a mushroom-shaped crunchy cookie and Takeno no Sato is a bamboo shoot-shaped biscuit cookie covered with two layers of chocolate. Both taste great, but I personally like bamboo shoots better than mushrooms.  It is hard to explain why, but I find the combination of mouth melting chocolate and crispy cookies so delicious.

This is the package of Takenoko no Sato (above), which has been on the market since 1979. It sells for 194 yen at convenience stores and little bit cheaper at supermarkets.

One package has about about 32 tiny bit-sized cookies (77grams, 426 kcal).

Last year Meiji released the new versions: "Otona no Kinoko no Yama" and "Otona no Takenoko no Sato."  "Otona no" means  "for adults."  What is different from the standard ones?

Well, the package are more chick and they say the chocolate is less sweet and better quality, though I honestly didn't find such a big difference. I should have compared the two versions at the same time to recognize the difference, because I don't have a keen sense of taste.

Here is the TV ad that was running last autumn, featuring Jun Matsumoto, a member of very popular boy idol group Arashi. In this ad, Matsu-jun is grown-up Peter Pan driving a car. Tinkerbell says "You look so grown-up today," and Peter replies, "Listen, nowadays even Kinoko no Yama and Takenoko no Sato grow up. There's no fighting against the trend of the times."

You are right, Peter. In Japan where the birth-rate is declining, developing products appealing to adults is an important survival strategy for any companies. Good for me!

By the way, the cookie & cream version, bitter chocolate-flavored cookies coated with white chocolate, is also very yummy. I really like it. Must try!



きのこ  mushrooms
たけのこ  bamboo shoot
里  さと   village
お菓子  おかし  treat
両方  りょうほう  both


明治  めいじ  name of the company
発売  はつばい  put on sale
それ以来  (それ)いらい  since then
ずっと = いつも
人気  にんき  popular


箱  はこ  box
開ける  あける  to open
形  かたち  shape
個  こ  piece


去年  きょねん  last year
大人  おとな  adults
出る  でる  to be released


嵐  あらし  name of the boy idol group
松本潤  まつもと じゅん  member of Arashi
演じる  えんじる  to play a role


甘さ  あまさ  sweetness
控え目  ひかえめ  mild
高級  こうきゅう  high quality  

そうそう、クッキー&クリームバージョンもありますよ。チョコレートクッキーにホワイトチョコレートの組み合わせです。 これもおいしい。試してみて!

組み合わせ  くみあわせ  combination
試す  ためす  to try


  1. こんにちは、ゆうこさん!

    Oh~ Kinoko no Yama & Takenoko no Sato are the best! >w< I tried both~~ I think my favourite is Kinoko no Yama, by the tiniest margin. ;)

    They're both great though - who would've thought that mini bamboo & mushrooms would make such a cute snack!

    Haha~ even Peter Pan knows where the best snacks are! XD

    Last week, I found that one of the asian supermarkets near my place is selling more Japanese products. I got to try the almond coffee crush pocky that you mentioned before~ and also the Kasugai Fruit Gummi Assortment (mango, lychee & strawberry). They're all yummy! :3 I'm sharing them with my mum & brother ;)

    1. こんにちは、サマンサさん!
      You like Kinoko no Yama better? Haha, it really depends on the person.

      When I was living in Europe, Japanese foods were extravagant. They were sold for double or triple the price. Is it the same in Australia? How much is a box of Pocky for example?