Apr 8, 2013

air conditioner remote

Hi everyone.

I chose this topic  for my first blog post, because you cannot survive the obnoxiously hot and humid Japanese summer without air conditioner.

You think it is a bit too early to use an air conditioner? Well, maybe. But you'll use it sooner or later. Look at your remote. You'll find mostly kanji (Chinese characters) and some hiragana or katakana on it. 

Learn to decipher the air conditioner terms now and get yourself ready, so that you can avoid the risk of pressing the  "暖房(heating)" button on a steamy hot day.

運転 : turn on
停止 : turn off
冷房 : cool mode
暖房 : heater mode
送風 : fan only
ドライ : dry mode

温度 : temperature
風量 : fan volume
風向 : fan direction
入タイマー : power ON timer
切タイマー : power OFF timer
取消 : cancellation


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  2. arigato, i almost died cause it was sooooooooooooooooo cold i couldnt sleep! thankssssssssssss

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