Apr 9, 2013

Which one is salt?

Don't you think the most important seasoning in cooking is salt?

When I started living in Paris (I was there 2007-2010), the first things I bought at the local supermarket were salt and pepper. I had trouble getting pepper, though. Since I couldn't speak French back then, I asked a shop clerk in English where I could find pepper, but she didn't understand me. She took "pepper" for "paper. " 

Anyway, one of the questions I'm frequently asked by my students is: "Which one is salt?" 

If you have been to a Japanese supermarket, you know what their problem is. In Japan salt and sugar are usually sold in transparent plastic bags like the photo below, often placed near each other on the same display rack, which confuses many foreign customers, and sometimes even Japanese as well. They look so much alike.

Here is the salt I bought the other day. If you look carefully, you can read "Flake grade salt" on top of the bag, but I had never noticed that until now! 

This brand is called "あらしお arashio," and しお shio means salt.  To recognize salt, find the word しお or 塩 in kanji (Chinese character) on the bag.

If you want to make sure, you can ask someone around you,  「これは しお ですか: Kore wa shio desuka?」 (Is this salt?)

Good luck!

By the way, I know my English is not perfect. I would be very appreciated if you could correct my grammatical & vocabulary mistakes. Thank you!

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